It has been a part of the monastic tradition from the beginning to temper prayer with manual work, in order the God might be glorified in all things.  We hope here to share with you a little of our monastic work and spirituality.

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  • Learning Gregorian Chant

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  • 2018 Calendar

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  • john-senior-john-senior-john-senior-john-senior-john-senior-john-senior

    John Senior and the Restoration of Realism

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  • Commentary for Benedictine Oblates

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  • Of Cells and Bells

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  • Monastic Diurnal – Liturgical Book

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  • Office of Matins

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  • The Genesis of an Abbey

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  • Saint Benedict Medal (brass)

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  • African Wood Rosary

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  • Annunciation Icon

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  • Saint Benedict – Gregorian Chant CD

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