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The pieces chosen for this florilegium come from the Masses and Offices sung for the three traditional feasts in honor of Saint Benedict: March 21, July 11 and Dec. 4.

No one should be surprised to hear an antiphon in praise of Saint Joseph at the end of this recording: for the monks of Fontgombault offer this disc to him whom they loved as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, before receiving and venerating him as their Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

The disc comes with a booklet which has the English translation alongside the Latin.

A digital version is available on Spotify.

View the Latin-English booklet here.

1. Introit (July 11th): Gaudeamus The Life of Saint Benedict
2. Introit (December 4th): Vir Dei Benedictus
3. Antiphons (July 11th): Fuit vir – Beatus vir Benedictus – Glorious – Erat vir Domini Benedictus – Vir Domini Benedictus
4. Hymn (Matins, March 21st): Quidquid antiqui
5. Antiphons (feast of St. Scholastica): Egredere modo frater – Parcat tibi soror -Ecce te rogavi – Loquamur nunc – Cum Sanctus Benedictus
6. Communion (July 11th): Fidelis servus The Death of Saint Benedict
7. Sequence (July 11th): Læta dies
8. Antiphon of Magnificat (11th Vespers of March 21st): Hodie
9. Ant. of Magnificat (11th Vespers of March 21st): Sanctus Benedictus The Translation of the Relics of Saint Benedict
10. Ant. of Magnificat (1st Vespers of July 11th): Galliarum populis
11. Prolix responsory (1st Vespers of July 11th): Obviam
12. Antiphon of Benedictus (Lauds July 11th): Exsultaverunt
13. Hymn (Vespers July 11th): Claris Conjubila
14. Antiphon of Magnificat (11th Vespers of July 11th): Hodie The Glory of Saint Benedict
15. Gradual (July 11th): Domine prævenisti
16. Hymn (Lauds July 11th): Inter æternas
17. Offertory (July 11th): Desiderium
18. Antiphon of Magnificat (1st Vespers of March 21st): Exsultet omnium Prayer to Saint Benedict
19. Alleluia (July 11th): Vir Dei Benedictus
20. Antiphon of Benedictus (Lauds March 21st): Sanctissime
21. Short Responsory (March 21st): Sancte Pater Benedicte
22. Prolix Responsory (1st Vespers of March 21st): Sanctissime
23. Antiphon of Magnificat (11th Vespers of December 4th): O Cælestis norma vitæ In Homage to Pope Benedict XVI
24. Antiphon (to Saint Joseph): O felicem virum — Ps. Exaudiat