Guests at Clear Creek are invited to assist at Mass and at some of the “Hours” of the Divine Office: Prime, Terce, Sext, None and Vespers. Male guests may also attend, if they wish, Compline, Matins and Lauds.

Guests may stay for a day, a weekend or longer. Families and groups sometimes bring a picnic lunch to share by the creek under the swinging bridge. Men and boys may take meals with the monks in the refectory.

Male guests may stay in one of the monastery’s several guest rooms. They are welcome to take their meals in the monastic refectory along with the monks. Families and ladies may stay in the family guest house, and there is a women’s guest house for ladies only. A monk-priest is available for confession and spiritual direction.

Reserving Space in advance of your visit

Please reserve space in advance of your visit, since on weekends and feast days, the monastery’s guest facilities are often fully booked. Motels in Locust Grove, Wagoner, Tahlequah and Sequoyah State Park are available if the monastery guest house is filled.

The St. Martha’s family guest house is a two-bedroom log house.  It is equipped with bathrooms, showers, a fireplace, cooking utensils, dishes, dishwasher, stove and oven, refrigerator, freezer, laundry facilities and sleeping space for eighteen.

Groups who stay there must either be families, all men, or all women. Children are welcome. From the family guest house the monastery is accessible by a five minute drive by car or a one and a half mile walk. Ladies must bring groceries and prepare their own meals in the guest house kitchen. Several restaurants are within a short drive (20-30 minutes).  Pets are not allowed in the men’s guesthouse or in St. Martha’s.  The recommended donation for the men’s guesthouse is $45/night.  At St. Martha’s it is $40/person or $60/family per night.

The Tulsa airport or bus station is about 70 miles from the monastery. Visitors are encouraged to consider renting a car. Those unable to rent a car may be able to arrange a ride with the Father Guestmaster, at a cost, however, of $42 each way.

If you have a question, click to view the common questions about staying before clicking to contact the guestmaster.