Expanding the Hive

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, Amid the social upheavals that have afflicted American society and much of the world over the past months—from the rapid spread of a novel coronavirus that reached pandemic proportions to the tragic death of … Read More

The Fifth Horseman

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, Easter is the solemnity of solemnities, the culmination of the liturgical year; it is the celebration of the Risen Lord, of the victory of Life over Death, of the ultimate Light over the deepest … Read More

The Tree Beyond The Forest

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, In the following meditation one of our agricultural monks endeavors to have us see, in all its noble splendor and usefulness—amid the forest that surrounds it— the theological beauty of the tree. — br. … Read More

Treading Softly

Look, the storm of the Lord!    Wrath has gone forth,    a whirling tempest;    it will burst upon the head of the wicked. The anger of the Lord will not turn back    until he has executed and accomplished    the intents of … Read More

Experimental Proof

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, According to a prominent thinker of the twentieth century, Simone Weil (she was not a Catholic Christian, but moving close the Church at the time of her premature death), “The beautiful is the experimental … Read More

Nobility of Serving

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, It was ten years ago, on November 15, 2009, that our Father Dom François de Feydeau left us for God, after an aggressive brain tumor stole his earthly existence. For this true monk, illness … Read More

The Valley of the Fallen

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, Every four years it is my duty and joy to return to France in order to participate in the General Chapter of our Benedictine Congregation of Solesmes. The beauty of the Abbey of Saint … Read More

There is No Other Way

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, The clerical sexual abuse crisis that has now reached alarming proportions is like the many-headed Hydra that Hercules had to kill as one of his Twelve Labors—worse still, like the Beast of the Apocalypse … Read More

Boars and Acorn Bread

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, Many in our day seek ways of living closer to the land. At Clear Creek we are fortunate to have abundant natural resources in the rugged woodlands God has provided for us. Here follows … Read More