Praise in the Church

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, Though the beauty of its sacred melodies rarely echoes in the parishes and religious communities of our time, Gregorian chant has a way of surviving the vicissitudes of liturgical decline and renewal. Despite the … Read More

The Third Day of Fatima

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, On May 13th, feast of Our Lady of Fatima, His Holiness Pope Francis will have canonized at the sanctuary in Portugal two of the three shepherd children who were the privileged witnesses of extraordinary … Read More

Purity and Primeval Praise

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, There is no subject more central to monastic doctrine than that of purity of heart. The conferences of St. John Cassian bear ample witness to this fact. Seeing God in the company of the … Read More

In Praise of Rural Manners

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, The Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy, wrote that “happy people have no history.” Other interpretations of this mysterious saying are possible, but here is one: since what we call “history” is often made of wars … Read More

The Yule Child

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, As the last logs (to use a homely metaphor) of the Year of Our Lord 2016 burn slowly down to embers, we remain pensive in our meditations, thinking back over battles lost and won. … Read More

Apostolic Anvil

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, One need not be a prophet to read the “writing on the wall”—especially when the font is of bold type. In our day this ominous writing stands out ever more clearly against a background … Read More

The School of Wonder

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, When angels ask questions—especially of human beings—they do not engage in idle chatter, but open their “lips,” so to speak, only in order to communicate something of great importance on behalf of the divine … Read More

Saint Benedict’s Option

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, By now you will have read something about the “Benedict Option,” an expression devised by journalist Rod Dreher in reference to an idea of Alasdair MacIntyre’s in his book, After Virtue. Needless to say, … Read More

Mercy Made Man

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, As Saint Thomas teaches us, it was out of overflowing goodness, of love, that God created the universe;  it was out of the same Divine goodness that He communicated Himself to the world in … Read More