The following schedule maps out a typical day of a Choir monk having already completed his Novitiate. The daily schedule of a Novice or of a Theology student is somewhat different. That of a Brother, likewise, comports a few modifications. Also, for all the monks, the daily schedule or horarium for Sundays and important Feast days differs to some degree from that given here (Vespers, for example are at 5 PM instead of at 6 PM and are followed by Benediction).

  • Rise: 4:50 AM
  • Matins: 5:15
  • Lauds: 6:15
  • Low Mass: 6:50
  • Prime & Breakfast: 8:00
  • Lectio Divina: 9:00
  • Terce, High Mass: 10:00
  • Study or Work: 11:15
  • Sext & Lunch: 12:50 PM
  • Recreation: 2:00
  • None: 2:35
  • Manual Labor: 3:00
  • Vespers: 6:00
  • Silent Prayer: 6:30
  • Lectio Divina or Conference: 7:00
  • Dinner: 7:30
  • Compline: 8:25 (8:35 in the Church)

The Divine Office, Holy Mass, Low Mass and Horarium are celebrated in Latin and sung in Gregorian Chant. With the approval of the Holy See, we celebrate the sacraments according to the 1962 Roman Missal and Monastic Ritual, with some minor monastic modifications at Conventual Mass. We observe the complete Benedictine horarium.

Daily Mass Schedule

Liturgical Calendar

Holy Week Schedule

Christmas Schedule