Gregorian Chant Weekend

Information about the upcoming Gregorian Chant Weekend has been posted. You can also register online.

Father Abbot in Rome

The Conspiracy of Catholicity. There is a grace about Rome, one that defies the centuries and the never ending attempts of darkness to overcome the light.  Even when the marble columns will have cracked and fallen to sand, the spiritual … Read More

Assumption 2016

Blessed be the Lord who made heaven and earth, who hath directed thee to the mortal wounding of the head of the prince of our enemies (Judith). On this glorious feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, many splendid and … Read More

July 2016

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, One need not be a prophet to read the “writing on the wall”—especially when the font is of bold type. In our day this ominous writing stands out ever more clearly against a background … Read More

Construction Update

The construction of the Church apse and the first phase of the bell tower is now almost halfway complete.  All the concrete has been poured, and now the masons are busy building the circular chapels and will soon raise the … Read More

Saints Peter and Paul 2016

O felix Roma, O thou most happy Rome, which by this glorious blood of thy two Princes, precious crimson flood, art made forever sacred… Today, together with the Sovereign Roman Pontiff and the entire Catholic Church, we celebrate the glorious … Read More

Pentecost 2016

Emitte spiritum tuum et creabuntur, et renovabis faciem terrae.  Thou shalt send forth thy spirit, and they shall be created: and thou shalt renew the face of the earth. [1] On this glorious feast of Pentecost the Holy Church makes … Read More

May 2016

Dear Friend of Clear Creek Abbey, When angels ask questions—especially of human beings—they do not engage in idle chatter, but open their ‘lips,” so to speak, only in order to communicate something of great importance on behalf of the divine … Read More