• Hardcover, 214 pages
  • Latin-English
  • Divided into daily readings.
  • Used by the monks of Clear Creek for the daily reading of the Holy Rule in the refectory.

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Rule of Saint Benedict, Latin-English – hardcover

Translated & edited by Abbot Justin McCann, O.S.B.

English – Latin, 214 pages, with a very complete and informative Preface.

Publisher’s Note: The great achievement of St. Benedict, through which the essentials of Western civilization were preserved amid the chaos and confusion of the Dark Ages, cannot be overestimated. And the Rule which he established for his monks has had an influence throughout European history which has extended far beyond the cloisters of his own community. One of the earliest surviving manuscripts written in England is a copy of the “Rule”; and the great number of other copies which have come down to us forms a notable testimony to the veneration and respect which it commanded.

Abbot McCann presents in this book an edition of the Latin text which he intends should be of service both to the monk in choir and to the general reader. Facing each page of Latin is an English translation, carefully revised and evolved over many years of experiment and trial to be at once accurate and readable. Full and helpful notes are given for the convenience of students on all points of difficulty in the Late Latin syntax and vocabulary of the Text. And to assist the monastic Lector, who by ancient custom must recite the Rule at Prime section by section throughout the year, the appropriate dates are given alongside the text.