• ISBN: 9781331849209
  • Reprint of the 1913 original
  • 532 pages
  • 9 x 6 inches
  • Choose between hardcover or softcover
  • Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict by Dom Delatte with the Holy Rule text in Latin and English. Includes a detailed index and thorough, scholarly footnotes.  Read by the monks of Clear Creek.


by Rev. Dom Paul Delatte, OSB, Abbot of Solesmes, Superior-General of the Benedictine Congregation in France. Translated by Dom Justin McCann, OSB.


Reprint of the 1913 original.

532 pages, 9 x 6 inches, with Holy Rule text in Latin and English. Includes a detailed index and thorough, scholarly footnotes. Available in hardcover or softcover.


From the Book Dedication:


“”These pages, written with the aim of disclosing the riches of the Holy Rule, are dedicated, in love and devotedness, to all those, whether in monasteries or in the world, who belong to the great family of St. Benedict. – Quarr Abbey, September 8th, 1913.””


From the Introduction by Dom Delatte:


“”…our Commentary remains, even in its printed form, what it originally was: an exposition of the Rule given in the Novitiate of the Abbey of Solesmes. It reproduces, in an abridged form, conferences introductory to the monastic life. Hence… sometimes the familiar and homely style; hence certain repetitions, provoked most often by the insistence of our Holy Father himself. Perhaps the publication of these notes will satisfy, in some measure, the interest of the many Christian souls who ask us every day for enlightenment on the mode of life, spirituality, and real usefulness of monks… The primary purpose of these studies is neither curiosity nor historical knowledge: our concern is with the soul and with the supernatural life. By constant communing with the master thought of St. Benedict and with the minds of his best disciples, will the sons of Dom Guéranger be able to keep alive among them the true spirit of monasticism.””


Dom Delatte’s commentary on the Holy Rule is read daily by all the monks at Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey, both in the Novitiate and in the Community.

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