Death of Christian Culture


  • The Death of Christian Culture by John Senior
  • ISBN: 9781932528152
  • 192 pages
  • paperback bound, with dust jacket
  • 2008 reprint of the 1978 original

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The Death of Christian Culture

by John Senior

192 pages, paperback bound, with dust jacket.

2008 reprint of the 1978 original.

Book Description based on the 1978 & 2008 jackets:

Focusing on the modernist movement in literature, [Senior] shows how Western intellectuals came to reject the Christian idea of an orderly, intelligible universe created by God. Today, their revolt bears its bitter fruit: moral chaos… cynicism despair. Modern man has lost his faith-and now he is losing his mind.

… Tragically, the disease has spread. All areas of society are infected. Our universities are paralyzed by self-doubt. The courts have stood the law on its head. Even the Church is faltering…

Does all this mean that the glory of Christian culture is gone forever? Not necessarily, answers Dr. Senior. … He believes that a new Dark Age is upon us. But there is still time to act. As individuals, where can we start? By immersing ourselves in the great books of our Christian and classical heritage. Christians must find their own roots before they can hope to bring sanity back to the world.

Among Senior’s credentials as a scholar and cultural and literary critic is his work in the [KU IHP:] University of Kansas Integrated Humanities Program, […which] combined aspects of the Socratic and “great-books” methods. It aimed to convince students, by cultivation of “poetic knowledge” based upon an immersion in the classics of Western thought, art, and literature, that there is a truth worth knowing. [The IHP] resulted in numerous conversions to Catholicism and was the principal forum in which Senior worked out the keen insights and shocking observations in his books.


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