Dom Gueranger: A Monk at the Heart of the Church


  • Comprehensive biography of the founder of the congregation of Solesmes.
  • 542 pages
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Softcover

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Dom Guy Marie Oury, a monk of Solesmes, spent many years researching and writing the most comprehensive biography of Dom Prosper Gueranger, the first abbot of Solesmes. Newly translated into English with a preface by Dom Philip Anderson, abbot of Clear Creek Abbey, the monks of Clear Creek are happy to offer this book to those seeking to learn more about the origins of the Congregation of Solesmes.

After the devastation of the French Revolution, the first abbot of Solesmes launched the ecclesial movement which invited all Christians to experience a spiritual participation in the liturgy, “the initial source of the true Christian spirit.” Dom Guéranger worked to instill knowledge and love for the origins of Christianity and the Church of the Fathers, thus preparing a fertile and fruitful “return to the sources” for the entire Church.

He defined himself as “a man of the spiritual order,” opposed in every way to the naturalism of his era. It seemed to him, and rightly so, that God’s mystery could not be treated as were the human sciences—He transcended them. Throughout his entire life, Dom Guéranger never stopped protesting against “the diminished truths” mentioned in Psalm 11:2.

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