• Fundamental work on the Religious Life by Dom Prosper Gueranger
  • ISBN: 9780907077480
  • Sewn and Hardbound in Cloth with dust jacket
  • 96 pages

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What is the religious life? What does the Lord ask of religious? What should their interior attitude be to poverty, chastity, obedience, and to the everyday demands of life in a community? Dom Prosper Gueranger’s monastic wisdom is offered to religious, clergy, and laity as an insight into the contemplative monastic life and as a primer for the spiritual life of every Christian. The monks of Clear Creek read this work at the beginning of their monastic formation to understand the spirit of religious life as conceived by Dom Gueranger, the founder of the congregation of Solesmes. This new translation from the French original includes an extensive introduction to the monastic doctrine of Dom Gueranger by a Benedictine nun of St Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde.