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Of Cells and Bells


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Of Bells and Cells, by M. Cristina Borges, illustrated by Michaela Harrison, 44 pages, 8 ½x11 in., paperback.

Monks, nuns, friars, sisters . . . who are they? How do they live? Why have they followed that way of life? Of Bells and Cells explains to the young reader what religious life is all about. Starting with discerning the first call, the book describes the trajectory of the young vocation from entrance into a religious community to the fullness of the professed religious life, covering both the spiritual and practical aspects of formation, delving into the vows, and finally examining the significance of the active and contemplative facets of religious life. The priesthood is also explained, and an extensive appendix gives a synopsis of the history and charism of a selection of religious orders. Beautiful illustrations richly complement the meaning of this clear and systematic text aimed at young readers, which the whole family will enjoy and learn from.