WHAT   This is a first year course in Gregorian chant, taking the complete beginner or amateur in Gregorian chant to the level of being able to sing the chant with a certain competence.

Instruction will be offered in:

  • Reading Gregorian notation
  • Solfege
  • Latin pronunciation
  • Gregorian rhythm, musical and verbal
  • Chironomy (direction)
  • Modality
  • Analysis of a chant

For more information on the course, visit the Laus in Ecclesia website: lausinecclesia.com.

WHERE Classes will be held in the oratory of the old Monastery at Clear Creek.  Address: 5810 W St Marthas Ln, Hulbert, OK, 74441. Click here for the directions and schedule.

WHEN  The classes will start at 1:15 pm on Monday, July 12, and continue throughout the days following until 12: 30 pm Saturday, July 17. Click here for the schedule and directions.


For women:

  • Bethany, the ladies’ guesthouse
  • Mary’s cabin

At Bethany, the meals are served: $50 per night for room and meals

At St. Mary’s the occupants must bring their own meals and cook for themselves: $40 per night

For men: the men’s guesthouse at the abbey. Meals are provided: $50 per night for room and meals.


Laus 1 Instruction: $200

Laus 1 manual: $45


  • at Bethany: $50 per night, $200 for Monday night (7/12) thru Friday night (7/16)
  • at St. Mary’s: $40 per night, $160 for Monday night (7/12) thru Friday night (7/16)
  • at men’s guesthouse:$50 per night, $200 for Monday night (7/12) thru Friday night (7/16)

Payment can be made in advance either by check (made out to Clear Creek Abbey. Address: 5804 Monastery Road, Hulbert, OK, 74441) or through the abbey website or during the session, by cash, check or credit card.


Those attending the session will be expected to provide their own paper (notebook) and writing instruments. A ruler would be handy; ruled paper also, especially for those who plan to work on the assignments provided in the Laus 1 manual. Fr. Bachmann will be happy to correct assignments completed during the session—according to the time he disposes of.

PREREQUISITES No previous musical or Gregorian training is necessary. However, the applicant should be able to sing and carry a tune.

HOW MANY      A maximum of 20 students will be accepted for this course on the basis of first-come, first-serve.

The Registration has been closed for this year.