• ISBN: 9781930278462
  • The Raccolta is the official collection of indulgenced prayers, authorized by Pope Pius XII.  2018 reprint of the 1957 edition.
  • 5.5 x 8″ hardcover
  • 641 pages
  • Large, easy-to-read type, with black and red text

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Revised under Pope Pius XII, this official collection (raccolta) of the Church’s prayers and devotions was published in English in 1957. It includes a timely supplement of additional prayers for many urgent needs all of which were composed under the same pontiff. Many of the more commonly used prayers and devotions are followed by the Latin text, thus providing the perfect aid for teachers and parents anxious to keep the Church’s language both alive and spiritually efficacious. These eight hundred prayers touch practically every spiritual and physical need, and every personal and societal hope. They are the confidently suppliant voice of the Catholic Church in her maternal zeal, joy and agony, nobility and militancy.

  • Prayers and Devotions 1958 Edition Reprint
  • Red Bonded Leather Hardcover
  • Red and Black Ink