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This bedroom has 2 twin beds and a full bath shared with A1. Suggested donation: $60 per night.

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How do I find the Abbey?2022-03-29T11:58:29-05:00

Clear Creek Abbey is located in the countryside about twenty minutes’ drive north of Hulbert. Usually, the GPS systems recognize the Abbey’s address (5804 Monastery Road). However, we advise newcomers to download the directions available on the Abbey’s website:

How do I make a reservation?2022-03-07T16:59:06-06:00

Please send a message specifying the dates requested for the respective guesthouses and the general time of arrival (morning, afternoon, evening).

Contact the Guest master.

How many beds are available in Saint Martha’s family guesthouse?2022-03-07T16:54:40-06:00

There are two bedrooms, both spacious, one upstairs and one downstairs. Each has a bathroom with a shower. In the downstairs bedroom there are one queen, one twin and one full size bed. In the upstairs bedroom there are four twin beds, one queen and one bunk bed. In addition to these, there are two fold-out sofas in the living room downstairs, and an assortment of cots. Sheets and towels are provided for the occupants of Saint Martha’s.

How many beds are available in Saint Mary’s family guesthouse?2022-03-07T16:54:30-06:00

This cabin is considerably larger than Saint Martha’s. It has 6 guest rooms.

  • suite downstairs which includes one queen bed and a twin bed,
  • suite upstairs which includes one queen bed, a twin bed and a sleeper sofa,
  • 2 guest rooms each with a queen bed,
  • 2 guest rooms each with two twin beds.

All linen including sheets, towels, tablecloths and napkins are provided for occupants of Saint Mary’s.   Pets are not allowed into the house.

How many people can Saint Martha’s accommodate?2022-03-07T16:54:00-06:00

There are ten beds and two pull-out couches, plus two cots, which amounts to sleeping space for eighteen persons. In the case of a bigger group, please consult the guest master. Pets are not allowed into the house.

How many people can Saint Mary’s accommodate?2022-01-31T17:21:52-06:00

Saint Mary’s can lodge 19 in beds: its capacity can easily be augmented with cots. Pets are not allowed into the house.

How much does it cost to stay at the guesthouse?2023-01-05T12:22:59-06:00

  • For the Men’s Guesthouse: We suggest $50 per night per person for those staying in the main guest house, $40 for those at the old monastery; this includes meals and lodging. It is sometimes possible to work for one’s stay; you may arrange this with the guest master.
  • For St. Martha’s Guesthouse: $100 per family; for groups: $30 per person.
  • For St. Mary’s Guesthouse: $60 for a smaller room; $80 for a suite; $400 per night for the whole cabin for families and $40 per person for groups over 10.
  • For Bethany: $50 per person.  Arrangements of lodging fees can be made with the guest master for special situations (e.g., for a family sharing a room $75 per night).

How should I prepare for my stay at the guesthouse?2022-04-11T12:24:02-05:00

At the men’s guesthouse and at Bethany, meals are served, and so one should pack as for a stay in a hotel; bedding, towels and meals come with the lodging. At the family guesthouse, bedding and towels are provided, but you must bring your own food and prepare it. The men’s guesthouse and family guest cabins have washers and dryers available with all the needed supplies.

Is transportation to the Abbey available?2022-03-30T12:11:13-05:00

For those who will be coming by plane, renting a car is the best option for a short visit.

Men staying at the Guest House may, alternatively, take a taxi, Uber or Lyft to the Abbey. Note that one cannot be picked up from the Abbey by Uber or Lyft due to its remote location unless this is arranged beforehand. The Guest Master will in most cases be able to arrange for a ride back to the airport as long as it is not on a Sunday or Feast day nor too early in the morning (before 10AM). If the above options are not possible, ask the Guest Master about arranging a ride to and from the airport.

Women guests staying at Bethany should have their own means of transportation during their stay since the women’s guesthouse is one mile from the Abbey by a dirt road with two steep hills in between.



What conveniences are supplied in the kitchen at Saint Martha’s and Saint Mary’s?2022-04-11T12:22:29-05:00

The kitchen of either cabin has a full-size refrigerator, a tap for purified drinking water, a microwave, coffee pots, a blender, an oven and a stove, pots and pans, tea kettles, toaster, plus normal cooking utensils. Saint Martha’s provides dishes for serving a family of twelve; Saint Mary’s, a family or group of 25.  Those staying at either of these two family guesthouses must provide themselves with all the food they need for their stay.  Olive oil, salt and pepper and spices are often on hand.

What does one do during a retreat at the guesthouse of Clear Creek?2022-03-07T16:55:44-06:00

Guests are invited to attend all the Hours of the Divine Office throughout the day, as well as the low Masses (which start sometime between 6:30 and 7am) and the High Mass at 10am. They are also invited to the monastic refectory to take their meals with the monks. Breakfast is taken in silence; for lunch and supper there is a reading during the meal. Finally, if they so desire, guests may work with the monks during the work period (3pm–4:15pm) or longer. For the rest of the day they are free to pray, read, walk, in short to spend their time as they see fit. Spiritual direction and Confession can be obtained by request, either through the gatehouse or through the guest master.

Daily Schedule

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What facilities are available for guests at Clear Creek Abbey?2022-03-28T12:49:34-05:00

We have a men’s guesthouse, a women’s guesthouse called “Bethany,” and two family guesthouses called “Saint Martha’s” and “Saint Mary’s.” Saint Martha’s and St. Mary’s accept families or large groups of the same sex. The men’s guesthouse accepts men, (or boys under supervision of a guardian); likewise, Bethany accepts only women (or girls under the supervision of a guardian).

What is the latest time I can arrive?2022-03-28T11:58:11-05:00

The Guest Master requests that guests arrive before 9pm. If a later arrival is foreseen, please discuss this with the Guest Master. If delays en route cause a late arrival, please phone the guest master (918-772-2454) before 9pm to arrange entry; after 9pm, phone the caretaker at (918-772-6010). Guests staying at the men’s guesthouse, at St Martha’s or St. Mary’s family guesthouses must have the gate opened for them if they arrive after hours.

What time can I check in?2022-03-28T11:56:13-05:00
  • You can check in to the men’s guesthouse at basically any time during the day. Men staying at the guesthouse are asked to inform the guest master of what time they plan to arrive at the monastery.
  • Check in at Saint Martha’s and Saint Mary’s: between 3PM and 9PM; checkout before High Mass.
  • Check in at at Bethany : between 3PM and 9PM; checkout before High Mass.


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