• Thomas More by R. W. Chambers is a scholarly yet eminently readable account of the life of a great statesman, scholar, and saint.
  • Softcover, 5.5. x 8.5″
  • 413 pages.
  • Includes index and several illustrations.
  • Read in the refectory at Clear Creek Abbey, beginning in November 2022.

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With wit and scholarship worthy of his saintly subject, R. W. Chambers wrote this authoritative biography of St. Thomas More in 1935 around the time of his canonization.

While over 400 pages in length, the reader’s attention is constantly engaged by the numerous anecdotes and stories related, as well as by the thorough, scholarly investigation into the original sources.

Read in the refectory at Clear Creek Abbey starting in November 2022, this book is well beloved by the monks.