• The definitive biography of John Senior by Father Francis Bethel, a monk of Clear Creek Abbey. This book tells the whole story of the man who had such an impact on American Catholicism.
  • ISBN: 9780997314007
  • Hardcover
  • 452 pages
  • 9 x 6 inches

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John Senior and the Restoration of Realism

by Fr. Francis Bethel, O.S.B., a monk of Clear Creek Abbey

Hardcover, 452 pages, 9 x 6

Dr. John Senior was a professor at the University of Kansas who had an immense personal influence on the author and other monks at the Abbey. This book is an intellectual biography that follows Dr. Senior’s life, especially his conversion, and draws out his philosophy of education. It especially studies the famous Integrated Humanities Program established by Senior and his colleagues, Dennis Quinn and Frank Nelick. Dr. Alice von Hildebrand wrote about this book: “We must be grateful to Father Francis Bethel for writing a life of this noble Don Quixote whose love of beauty led him to the One Who Is Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.”  And Most Reverend James Conley, bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska wrote that this book: “unlocks the mystery of the man who was John Senior … I highly recommend this book not only as an introduction to John Senior’s thought, but also as an important message, especially in our times, about education and culture.”