• Easter Gregorian Chant Album from Fontgombault
  • 22 tracks, Total time – 53:25 minutes
  • Available as physical CD with Booklet.

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Gregorian Chant from the Abbey of Notre Dame de Fontgombault, France.

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In this Album the listener will find all the joy of the Lord’s Resurrection, as expressed by the chant of the Liturgy.  Among the pieces assigned to the Mass of this day of days are the well-known Sequence Victimae Paschali Laudes, and the Gradual Haec Dies. This 1976 Gregorian chant recording of the monastic choir of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Fontgombault includes the chants of the Mass and the Office of Vespers for the Feast of Easter.

This is available as a physical CD, including the complete Latin text with English translation, or as an album download (allows access to download the sound files (mp3 at 128 Kbps).  The files can then be listened to without limit.)

1. Hymn “Salve festa dies”
2. Introit “Resurrexi”
3. Kyrie I
4. Gloria I
5. Gradual “Haec dies”
6. Alleluia “Pascha nostrum”
7. Sequence “Victimae Paschali”
8. Offertory “Terra tremuit”
9. Sanctus I
10. Agnus I
11. Communion “Pascha nostrum”

12. Verse “Deus in adjutorium
Antiphons and Psalms
13. “Angelus autem Domini”
14. “Et ecce terraemotus”
15. “Erat autem”
16. “Respondens autem angelus”
17. Capitulum: “Fratres expurgate”
18. Short Response
19. Hymn “Ad Coenam”
20. Antiphon “Et respicientes” and Magnificat
21. Kyrie, Pater, Prayer
22. “Benedicamus Domino”

Total time – 53:25 minutes