By the morning of January 2, 2008, much had been accomplished.  In 2003 a stone bridge had been erected over Little Clear Creek; the foundations for the church and a residence building had been poured; the first stone had been blessed by the bishop of Tulsa. Then, in 2007, the crypt of the church and the first residential building had been completed.  It was time to move into the permanent monastery.  Despite the cold temperature that morning (12 degrees F.), an army of monks, neighbors, and friends, driving every imaginable type of vehicle, was on the move, under the guidance of a monk with a walkie-talkie.  Teams in trucks and tractors took load after load up to the community’s new site.  By the end of the day the monks were entirely exhausted, but the monastery was installed in its new and definitive home (at least this side of Heaven).  On May 12th of the same year, Bishop Slattery and a great number of friends were on hand for the blessing of the new monastery.