Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum (Companion to Liber Usualis)

  • Reprint of 1962 edition of Solesmes
  • softcover
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • 233 pages
  • Used by the cantors at Clear Creek


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This charming book was created in 1962 in cooperation with Solesmes Monastery by the Church’s Sacred Congregation of Rites. Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum provides the Schola Cantorum additional Psalm verses to be chanted after the verses given for the Introit and Communion in the Liber Usualis or Liber Brevior.

This book is useful for the Schola Cantorum that sings for Latin High Mass in the Extraordinary Form (1962 Missale Romanum) whenever there is a need to prolong the processional music.