Light and Strength


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Light & Strength – Mother Cécile Bruyère, First Abbess of Sainte-Cécile of Solesmes.
New – First English translation of the French original, by Dom Guy Marie Oury, O.S.B.

458 pages, paperback with full color cover, black and white interior, with illustrations.

Born in 1845, at the age of eleven providential circumstances brought young Jenny Bruyère under the spiritual tutelage of Dom Prosper Guéranger, abbot of Saint-Pierre of Solesmes. Under his spiritual guidance she blossomed and became, at the age of twenty-five, the foundress and first abbess of the Benedictine abbey of Sainte-Cécile of Solesmes.

In her hidden contemplative life, Mother Cécile Bruyère eventually formed and guided souls with repercussions well beyond her monastery walls, furthering the spiritual edifice which Dom Guéranger had established.

This biographical work is at once a fascinating account of religious life in post-Revolutionary France, an exposition which brings to light the interior life of a great woman of God and her teachings as a religious superior, and a revealing analysis of a little known dimension of Dom Guéranger’s life and work.