Learning Gregorian Chant


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From the French volume entitled Laus in Ecclesia, (praise in the Church) by the Saint Gregoire Schola.
Translated by a monk of Clear Creek Abbey.

Paperback, 300 pages, with color photos, diagrams, and illustrations. 9 1/4 x 7 1/2

What is Gregorian Chant?  This initiation course will attempt to answer this question in detail, by a theoretical, historical, and spiritual presentation of Gregorian chant, according to the Method of Solesmes.  Its purpose is to provide a methodical apprenticeship for chant, and beyond this, to renew its practice in the Church.

Each  of the 15 lessons teaches chant theory, assists with practical vocal or rhythmic exercises, and offers a written assignment. Recordings, via download or cd, are available (free, with the purchase of the book) that allows the learner to hear and enter into the spirit of Gregorian chant.