Commentary for Benedictine Oblates – Hardcover


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Commentary for Benedictine Oblates,
On the Rule of St. Benedict

by G. A. Simon, priest oblate of St. Wandrille Abbey. 1950 translation from the 2nd French edition,
by Leonard J. Doyle, oblate of St. John’s Abbey.

From the Forward to this book:

During the fourteen centuries that have elapsed since the death of St. Benedict, the Rule which he wrote… has continued to make the monks who followed it a living and a life-giving force in the Church and in Western civilization and has kept them near… to the spirit of the Gospels, of the Apostles and of the early Fathers… [Recently] the need was felt for translations and commentaries prepared especially for the Christian living in the world… Canon G. A. Simon’s commentary… comments on the Rule systematically … with practical applications for Christians in the world, especially those who have become affiliated with the Order of St. Benedict as Oblates… [His] work should prove singularly interesting and valuable to… those outside the Order of St. Benedict, even outside the Church, as an introduction to Benedictine spirituality; to lay Oblates who will learn to know their Order better through the commentaries on each day’s reading of the Rule, and to live the Benedictine life through the applications following each commentary; to priest Oblates… whom the author… has always in mind; to priest monks doing parish or missionary work away from the communal life of the monastery…; to directors of Oblates; even to monks and nuns living in community, who will find here… a compendium of the best commentaries on their Rule down through the ages.

– Dom Alcuin Deutsch, OSB, Abbot of St. John’s, 1947


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