How You Can Help Clear Creek Abbey

Your greatest help will be your prayers but material support is also vital to Clear Creek Abbey, especially as we continue to build and grow. Checks may be made out to "Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey" or just "Clear Creek Abbey". In order to make a gift online please see below. You might also wish to remember Clear Creek Abbey in your will. If you have questions about how to do this please contact us by mail or phone. Please join our mailing list in order to receive our periodic newsletter. Soon we intend to send updates via email for those who wish to receive them."

Although we look forward to a bit of peace and quiet before undertaking the labor of completing this house dedicated to Our Lady of the Annunciation, there remains the fact that we still do not have that most essential part of any monastery, namely, the complete church.

For the time being the partially completed church offers a spacious setting for our liturgical life. Nevertheless, the sight of what has been so well completed to date only underlines more acutely the absence of the most important part of all, a completed abbatial church, l’abbatiale.

One might expect that we would no longer have any “housing” problems, but with the number of postulants arriving, we are already building some temporary structures outside the main building in order to receive them. Whether the next construction consists of completing the church or of raising a new permanent residence wing, we are confident that many of you will want to help us continue to build something beautiful, a house of prayer and sanctification where God is truly praised and glorified.  May you share in the blessings of such a noble and worthy enterprise. Join our mailing list.

Online donations are especially encouraged because they save the monks much processing time. You can either donate one time or subscribe for regular, monthly donations by clicking on the appropriate buttons below. (You must actually click on either the gold Donate or Subscribe button for the transaction to be able to occur.)

Help by donating to Clear Creek Abbey:

One time (tax-deductible) Donation:

Monthly (tax-deductible) Donation:

You may make checks payable to: Clear Creek Abbey.

mail to:
Br. Philip Anderson, Abbot
Clear Creek Abbey
5804 W. Monastery Road
Hulbert, OK 74441-5698

Phone (918) 772-2454
Fax (918) 772-1044

The Donations to the Abbey (online or by Mail) are tax-deductible. You will receive an acknowledgement by mail or by email. If there is any difficulty, or if you wish to make a donation in the form of stocks, please contact us.


Pour aider le Prieuré Notre-Dame de Clear-Creek à faire face à ses dépenses diverses, ou à la construction de son monastère, vous pouvez nous transmettre vos dons par l’intermédiaire de la Fondation des Monastères avec la procédure suivante :

Libellé du chèque : « La Fondation des Monastères »
Adresse d’envoi du chèque :

La Fondation des Monastères
14 rue BRUNEL
75017 PARIS

Préciser au dos du chèque, ou par un mot joint, que votre don est destiné à soutenir le Monastère Notre-Dame de Clear-Creek.

Un reçu fiscal vous sera délivré directement par la Fondation des
Monastères, vous permettant de profiter des dernières dispositions fiscales
en matière de réduction d’impôt sur le revenu, soit actuellement :



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